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Euro Pixel Ltd. was founded on November 10, 2010. In its early beginnings, Euro Pixel started as a relatively small agency but with a grand vision. With a dedicated and professional team, the company has managed to build successful relationships with important clients and partners both in the country and abroad. Over time, Euro Pixel has gained a good reputation in the application development and web industry, and in recent years, Euro Pixel has expanded its activities to the international market, working with clients and partners at a global level. Sales Manager for our company is Liridon Bahtijari.

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What we offer?

Euro Pixel is committed to providing customized and innovative solutions for businesses that want to benefit from digital transformation. Using the latest technologies and an innovative approach, Euro Pixel builds high-quality applications, websites and e-commerce platforms that give your business a competitive edge.

Who are our partners?

Euro Pixel enjoys successful partnerships with its well-known clients such as Procredit Bank Kosovo, GIZ, GFA Consulting Group, and many others. This confirms our reputation for excellent quality and innovative capabilities. Our cooperation with clients is based on carefully listening to their needs and creating long-term solutions to help in the sustainable development of their business.

How we work with customers?

We are committed to delivering high quality expertise in all the projects we build. For us, quality is not just an objective, but a challenge that requires constant commitment and improvement of work processes. We listen carefully to business needs and accurately assess them, adapting them to today's digital challenges. Through close cooperation and communication with clients, we create solutions that help in the sustainable development of their business. We support customers throughout the process, ensuring excellent quality, time savings and long-term benefits.

Our values ​​and goals are endless…

Euro Pixel has important values ​​such as creativity, quality, cooperation, creativity and, most importantly, the internal collegial atmosphere that reflects on customers. We intend to be a loyal partner to help businesses improve their online presentation that will certainly affect their success.

Join us to build an unparalleled digital presence together.



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